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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about camp? Here are some of our most asked questions from parents. 

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General Questions:

  • What does your camp have to offer?

    • We are located on 150 acres on gorgeous Findley Lake with groomed trails for hiking, the lake for swimming and boating, a playground, gaga pit, baseball fields, volleyball fields, hillsides for our giant slip n' slide, fields for paintball games, and so much more. Want to come and see our grounds? Come to our free open house on May 25, 2024, or contact us for our own tour. ​

  • What religious affiliation is your camp?

    • The Camp At Findley is a non-denominational Christian based camp. We welcome all children of God to come, enjoy, and grow during summer camp! 

  • Are campers required to attend religious activities or any other activities?

    • We will never force a child to participate in anything at camp. We encourage every camper to join in or try new things. Camp is a time to grow, gain some independence, and make new memories!

  • Can my camper bring their cell phone to camp?

    • Camp is a time to be unplugged and experience the joys of nature and friends. We ask that all campers leave their cellphones and other electronics at home. ​

  • Can I request my child's bunkmate?

    • Absolutely! When registering just put the name of who you wish for them to bunk with. We will try our best to meet all requests but cannot guarantee the fulfillment of all requests. 

  • What is a typical camp schedule?

  • When is drop off and pick up?

    • Drop off is Sunday's at 5pm and pickup is Friday's at 5pm. Please be sure to have all your forms completed to drop off can go smoothly. After drop off on Sunday they will enjoy a welcome dinner and campfire. When you come to pickup your child on Friday stay and enjoy our closing ceremony and picnic dinner. Please be sure to RSVP with the number attending the picnic dinner. 

Registration Questions:

  • I registered but did not get an email confirmation, what do I do?

    • If you have completed registration but did not receive a confirmation email, please contact the office to ensure your registration has gone through. 

  • What forms are needed for camp?

    • For your child to attend camp we need a completed registration, doctor's order form, parent information form, and updated physical with shot records.

  • Where do I send registration forms?

    • You can either email the completed forms to us at or mail them in To The Camp At Findley 2334 Sunnyside Rd Clymer NY 14724.

  • Is there a family discount?

    • Of course! We love when siblings can come to camp together. The second child registering should use discount code Summer24Kid2 and the third child registering should use Summer24Kid3. For families registering more then three children please reach out to the office. 

Medical Questions:

  • ​What if my child has a special diet?

    • We can accommodate many special diets. While registering your child be sure to list what their dietary needs are. 

  • What if my child has an allergy?

    • If your child has an allergy to food, medicine, or anything that may be around the camp please be sure to inform us. On our registration pages there is a section to list all allergies. Our camp nurse will be sure to talk with you at registration and make sure we have everything in order for your child. ​

  • What will happen if my child gets hurt or sick at camp?

    • No worries, we have a camp nurse that is on site. Our registered nurse has the knowledge to take on any situation that it may be.

Homesick Kids:

  • What if my child gets homesick during camp?

    • It is very normal for children to get homesick their first time away from home. Our counselors are trained in these situations and have many solutions to help your child overcome their homesickness. By week end your new camper will be having so much fun they will not want to leave!

  • Is my child ready to stay all night?

    • Honestly only you can answer this question. The first indication that they are ready to go to camp is if they asked. Did they approach you about this opportunity? If so, they are asking to grow and become more independent. 

    • Has your child stayed overnight with family, friends, or scouts without you? If so, they may be ready to expand to summer camp. 

    • If your child is nervous about slumber parties or staying overnight somewhere outside of the home, they may not be ready. Even if they are not ready to sleep over at camp we offer options for day camp. This is a great into to see all that camp has to offer. Usually after a year of day camp most campers will want to return as a full time camper the following year. 

  • How to prepare everyone for camp?

    • To be honest, parents get nervous about summer camp too. The first time your child leaves home for a week can be stressful on the whole family. Best way to overcome this is to be prepared. Try not to put your worries or doubts on your new camper. If they know you are worried about them staying it will be hard for them to enjoy all that camp has to offer.

    • Be sure to take a tour of the camp so they can see where they will be sleeping, eating, and enjoying their days. When they come to see all that we have to offer, we find they build excitement to meet their new friends and enjoy activities they can only do while here.​

    • Get excited for your child. The more excitement that they can see you have for their new experience the more excitement they will have for it! Let them know you are proud that they want to try new things, grow as a person, and make new friends. A new friend at summer camp can turn into a lifelong pen pal or best friend!

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