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Marriage Matters
Couples Day

February 10, 2024                                                                                        10 am to 6 pm

Take Time to Rekindle What Matters

Take the day to concentrate on deepening your bond in marriage. Often in the day-to-day shuffle of life we forget to take the time to truly communicate, cherish one another, and reflect on why we decided to take this journey together. Come and enjoy a day of reconnecting and working on your communication. Led by Pastor Rodney Bard. 



This year we will be focusing on communication. How well do you communicate in your relationship? How well does your partner interpret what you are trying to tell them? Pastor Rodney Bard will dive into helping us communicate and refocus our vision on why we got married, where we want our marriage to be, and what is our vision for our marriage through all of life's different stages. 


February 10. 2024

10am to 6pm

$50 per Couple

"Communication to a relationship is like oxygen to life. Without it, it dies"

~ Tony A. Gaskins JR

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